Monday, June 16, 2014

Thing 4 post apocalypse

I am enjoying Zite very much and looking forward to doing more reading and tracking to build and hone my topics. I use the old reader to follow blogs and it's easy to read on my phone but Zite exposes me web stuff I would otherwise never bump into. I'm using Zite to track library news and books so far and appreciate how once I 'like' a topic I get several more topics or subheadings to select. Interested to see how much my scope widens or narrows and pleased that it's a quick way to fill downtime and more productive than the Facebook. 

Thing 3 post deadline

Enjoying the google and red laser apps. Right now the google app has a World Cup home page. I can touch the google graphic and go straight to World Cup scores and highlights. I'm not actually following the World Cup but I appreciate the quick update opportunity anyway. I also appreciate that when I pull up to display the days weather, the search bar jumps to the top of the page with a new background.  I've also played with the RedLaser app a bit. I like the deal of the day feature and will use it when I need to do price comparisons as well. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thing 2

Motivated by deadlines I am. Today I watched the hidden features of iOS7. I found I had learned some of the things (like time-stamped text messages) just through using my phone. But I found out some nifty stuff as well. I turned on bold text for my old eyes and reduced movement to help with battery life. I also learned about searching images with Siri and the @ feature built into safari for quickly browsing twitter. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

23 Mobile Things thing one

I'm hoping to get myself acquainted with this shiny new iPhone through this program. I enjoy technology and new stuff but get a little crusty about it in my personal life. So I'm using this program for some professional development but also to push my personal self into the 21st century. I'm looking forward to it.